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  • Refund Application Format
  • Travellers Information
    1. If in doubt contact the customs facilitation counter and enquire before proceeding for the Green Channel.
    2. Do not rely on friends, travel agents etc for information. Do check up on the inputs provided by them before undertaking the journey.
    3. Declare the contents of your baggage truthfully and completely. Mis-declaration results in quantum increase in the penalty and fine imposed if any contravention is detected.
    4. Do not bring in goods for commercial purpose
    5. Only two litres of alcohol is allowed in the duty free allowance.
    6. Declare currency beyond 5000 US $ or equivalent (if in cash) or total of 10,000 US $ or equivalent
    7. Duty Free does not mean no duty shall be chargeable on them. Duty shall be charged on goods beyond your admissible allowance even if purchased from duty free shops.
    8. Customs has the authority to conduct examination of your baggage and even a personal search. Your cooperation shall ensure a faster clearance.
    9. Narcotics smuggling is a grave offence in India and shall invite imprisonment and possibly even death penalty for the crime.
  • Customs Refund Overview
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