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1. IGI-Faq

Q. 1. Where can a passenger lodge his-her complaints or suggestions regarding Customs?

Ans. The complaints/suggestions may be put in: a. through Feedback Forms at the Arrival hall. b. through Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) Portal http://pgportal.gov. in 13 c. through Facebook pages of various Airport Customs.

Q. 2. What are the norms for re-import of personal jewellery carried with the passenger?

Ans. The process of obtaining Export Certificate for jewellery carried by passengers travelling to foreign destinations with the intention of re-importing the same without payment of Customs duty has been streamlined. Details of the procedure are given in a public notice available on the websites of various Custom House websites. In addition, Facebook pages of different Airport Customs have information regarding Export Certificate.

Q. 3. What are the norms for ATA Carnet-Triptique?

Ans. ATA Carnet is an International Uniform Customs document issued in 75 countries including India, which are parties to the Customs Convention on ATA Carnet. The ATA Carnet permits duty free temporary admission of goods into a member country without the need to raise customs bond, payment of duty and fulfilment of other customs formalities in one or a number of foreign countries. In India, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), is appointed as National Guaranteeing & Issuing Association for ATA Carnets.

Q. 4. . Can drones -helicopters be imported as Baggage? What are the norms, if so?

Ans. There is no prohibition on import of drones. However, 12 passengers possessing drones have to opt for Red Channel and should declare the same in the separate column in the Customs Declaration Form. The drones and helicopters are allowed subject to the conditions that the importer should have licence issued by the WPC wing of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology for importing the same mentioning proper name, model and specifications of the goods

Q. 5. Are LED-LCD-PLASMA Televisions exempt from Customs duty? What is the customs duty on Television (LCD-LED-PLASMA)?

Ans. No, LCD /LED/ Plasma Televisions are not entitled for baggage allowance and will suffer baggage rate of duty on full value as determined

Q. 6. Can a passenger can import satellite phone?

Ans. Satellite phone is not permitted to be imported except against a license to be issued by the WPC wing of Ministry of Communication and Information Technology.

Q. 7. What are the norms for Airlines -Vessel Crew members?

Ans. Crew members are required to submit the correct declaration before Custom authorities with respect to the currency, gold ornaments and electronic goods etc. in their possession on arrival as well as departure. Crew member is allowed to bring items like chocolates, cheese, cosmetics and other petty gift items for their personal or family use up to a value of Rs. 1500 only at the returning of the aircraft from foreign journey. However, a crew member on final pay off or at the termination of his engagement with the Airline shall be eligible for allowances as a common passenger.

Q. 8. What am I supposed to do in case of mishandled baggage?

Ans. In case the baggage has been lost or mishandled by the Airlines, procedure is in place for clearance of such baggage which allows the passenger to have delivery of his baggage at his door step by the Airlines. There is no need to handover the passport or the keys of the baggage to the airlines. The passenger has to first file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with the airlines for the missing baggage. At the same time, he has to file a declaration indicating contents in the missing baggage. The passenger is required to obtain a certificate to that effect from the airlines and get it countersigned by Customs indicating specifically the un-utilized portion of the free allowance. This would enable the passenger to avail the un-utilized portion of the duty free allowance when his baggage is delivered by the airlines. Finally, the passenger is required to submit all these documents with the concerned airlines for clearance and delivery of goods on his behalf. The examination of the mishandled baggage, if required, would be carried out in the presence of the passenger. A simplified procedure has been outlined by day office order no. 31/2001 dated 07/02/2001, for hustle free clearance of mishandle baggage and detained goods.

Q. 9. What is detained baggage?

Ans. A passenger may request the Customs to detain his baggage either for re-export at the time of his departure from India or for clearance subsequently on payment of duty. The detained baggage would be examined and full details will be inventoried. Such baggage is kept in the custody of the Customs and a Detention Receipt will be issued.

Q. 10. What are the entitlements of a passenger who is transferring residence to India?

Ans. Depending on minimum the time period stayed abroad by the passenger and fulfilment of conditions, various articles are allowed free of duty up to a specified limit. (a) 3-6 months: aggregate value of Rs. 60,000 (b) 6 months- 1year: aggregate value of Rs. 1,00,000 (c) Minimum 1 year during preceding two years: aggregate value of Rs. 1,00,000 (d) Minimum stay of two years or more: up to a value of Rs. 5 lakhs. These allowances are subject to fulfilment of conditions and are only available on specific items. For further details, Rule 6 of the Baggage Rules, 2016 may please be referred. (www.cbec.gov.in)