Import and Re-Import of Arms

Import of firearms is prohibited. - Import of Cartridges in excess of 50 is also prohibited. - In case of persons transferring their residence (subject to fulfillment of requisite conditions of Transfer Rules i.e. Rule no. 6 of baggage rules 2016) to India for a minimum period of one year, one firearm of permissible bore can be allowed to be imported subject to the conditions that: the same was in possession and used abroad by the passenger for a minimum period of one year that the said firearm, after clearance shall not be sold, loaned, transferred or parted with in any manner during the life time of the passenger. The firearm will be allowed clearance under Transfer of Residence facility, on payment of applicable duty provided the passenger holds a valid arms license from the local authorities.
Import and Re-import of firearms carried out by Sports persons and Foreign Delegations, are also allowed on the strength of letter / authorization issued by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports / NRAI (National Rifle Association of India) in case of sports person and Ministry of External Affairs / Ministry of Home Affairs in case of foreign delegates etc. Import / Re-Import is allowed as per the procedure prescribed vide Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) no. 14/2017 dated 20/07/2017 by the Additional Commissioner of Customs, IGI Airport, New Delhi.