Mishandled and Detained Baggage

In case the baggage has been lost or mishandled by the Airlines, procedure is in place for clearance of such baggage which allows the passenger to have delivery of his baggage at his door step by the Airlines. There is no need to handover the passport or the keys of the baggage to the airlines. The passenger has to first file a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with the airlines for the missing baggage. At the same time, he has to file a declaration indicating contents in the missing baggage. The passenger is required to obtain a certificate to that effect from the airlines and get it countersigned by Customs indicating specifically the un-utilized portion of the free allowance. This would enable the passenger to avail the un-utilized portion of the duty free allowance when his baggage is delivered by the airlines. Finally, the passenger is required to submit all these documents with the concerned airlines for clearance and delivery of goods on his behalf. The examination of the mishandled baggage, if required, would be carried out in the presence of the passenger. A simplified procedure has been outlined by day office order no. 31/2001 dated 07/02/2001, for hustle free clearance of mishandle baggage and detained goods.

Clearance of Detained Goods

The goods are detained in the warehouse when the passenger arrives, for reasons such as appraisement, payment of duty, adjudication or for re-export. The passenger can approach Customs for the clearance of detained goods either himself or through his authorized representative. The goods can be got cleared between 10 AM and 6 PM on normal working days, Mondays to Fridays, excluding holidays. Goods outside these hours are allowed in exceptional circumstances by the Deputy/Assistant Commissioner (Shift). Goods meant for re-export can be cleared round the clock.